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In the Express Industry, Two Functions are very vital and both should work in concurrence and Co-Ordination, complimenting each other.
Those functions are Operation & Customer Care, which can be considered as Right & Left portions of the body and the Head is in the Center of both the Right & Left side.
If Operation & Customer Care do not function in conjunction, then naturally the Head Collapses.
With our Team of Experts, who are exposed & Experienced in the Express Industry for more than a Decade, efficient in Effectively handling both the Operation & Customer Care, The Team of our Customer Care Center is centralized, Interlinked with all Hubs & Service Centers, Feeding & Getting Information through the Integrated Software.
The Centralized Customer Care Center is directly accessible to the clients, who can get the information & Status of their Shipments and also pass on alternate instructions for al their undelivered Shipments.
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