About Us

Ryblue Logistics Private Limited is a Private Limited Company incorporated on 03 February 2017. It Directors of Ryblue Logistics Private Limited are Subbaiah Satish, Krishnegowda Gangadasegowda Begur, Krishna Jagadeshwaran and Bhadravathi Narasimha Murthy Satisha. All come with a rich experience in the Express Logistics Industry.

Ryblue Logistics Private Limited leading  Regional player in the Express delivery service  in Karnataka and part of Andhra. The core competencies of Ryblue Logistics Private Limited is the IT integration with practical operations in the door to last mile service . The IT support has enabled  the organisation in the  B2B or B2C  and  Reverse logistics services,  with transparency by providing real time status of shipments.

For shipments that attract  COD collections(Cash on delivery ) Ryblue Logistics Private Limited has automated accounting of deposits and transfers  with the support of their Bankers. This is to ensure that money collection flow is smooth and is on time to our customer’s accounts. Ryblue Logistics Private Limited has its own fleet of vehicles and not dependant on  contracted vehicles . A team of trained manpower to handle the operations ,customer service and the last mile deliveries

With the hub and spoke system in place and  HUBs  which are strategically located, Ryblue Logistics Private Limited ensure that the set of Destinations/PIN codes under a particular HUB is  covered and complied with the TAT  as promised to its customers. A well trained Operations team monitors the set process to handle shipments that delivered. The undelivered shipments on account of various reasons are updated in the system which is accessible and transparent to Customers. Likewise on request from our customers Ryblue Logistics Private Limited handles Reverse Logistics. (Shipments to be picked up from different destinations and brought back to the Origin location.